Craftsmanship and uniqueness for each surface

Craftsmanship and uniqueness for each surface

Finally, the perfection of the stone accessible to all

Modellabile, the fast and functional stone cladding that allows you to embellish the perimeter wall of your house, to decorate the edge of your swimming pool, to aesthetically enrich your interiors in a fast and easy way. Modellabile can be applied on every mineral surface and it guarantees an elevated transpiration and can be used for all the bio-campatible works.The are many advantages of Modellabile but the most important is its use to avoid the humidity but also the wall embellishment, the interior decoration of your houses, the choose of colors, the fast application and, above all its energy saving that has guaranteed its success.  We will be well pleased to give you all our help and support by our specialized technicians.


The application of Modelllabile takes place in several stages. It ‘important that the work is performed only by qualified personnel. The surface will be treated differently depending on the type and condition of the existing media.

Substrate Preparation

  • The support, the masonry must be compact, free from dust, dirt, from efflorescence, traces of oils, fats, waxes, etc.. those must be removed beforehand.

Indications for laying MODELLABILE

  • The Modellabile can be mixed in a cement mixer at low speed, or for small quantities by hand or with mechanical stirrer for 6-8 min;
  • Once ready Modellabile is loaded into a plaster with the aid of a compressor
  • Apply Modellabile by plastering uniformly
  • Apply the color expected from processing. Colouring must be made fresh, making sure to dissolve and mix well with water, adding the color before and after the Modellabile 
  • Apply a plaster spray evenly the second layer of colored Modellabile 
  • With the aid of tools for the decoration of the walls, is drawn in the shape of the stone to obtain an optimal result.