It is a dust premixed product composed of natural hydraulic lime NHL 3,5, selected aggregates and additives obtained from short term renewable resources.


It’s a mortar to applied by hand or with special tool to restore and to reconstruct architectural elements for the outdoor decoration. Compensated shrinkage, low elastic form, Modellabile is essential for all those interventions of merit and aesthetical value in the reconstruction or construction of facades.Thanks to his constituent dispositions it guarantees, it can be used for all the applications defined bio-compatible employees to improve the quality of the life of the man and the safeguard of the environment.


The support, the elements of masonry must be compact, free from dust, dirty, from efflorescence, from traces of oils, fat, waxes, etc. what they owe therefore to preventively be removed. To prepare a mix of plaster add the necessary (around 18-20%) water, deprived of impurity, to make it dense, deprived of clots and ready for the use. Modellabile can be mixed in cement mixer, to low speeds, or for small hand quantity or with mechanical agitator remembering however that the time of mixing of the blenders must not be too much long and the mixed material must be uses within 2 hours around. Applies it in more layers, sprinkling with special tool. At the end of the application outline the surface modeling according to the wanted effect.


the fresh mortar must be protected from the cold and from rapid desiccation.The temperature among +5°C and +35°C as optimal value is recommended for the application and the good hardening of the mortar. Don’t loosen the product with warm or dirty water and not use mixers or anything else than can destroy the consistence of the product. Follow the formalities of use to preserve the product in dry and ventilated place. In dry and ventilated place the product it is conservable up to 12 months. N.B. Plaster MODELLABILE must not be modify, but you/he/sne must be uses as furnished by the producer without additions of extraneous materials. The change of the product releases the producer from every inherent responsibility to the use of the same product.


it come in special boxes with protection from the damp of 25 kg and on pallets of 19,20 quintals.


Aspect: coloured dust;

Specific weight: 1500-1600 kg / me;

Working time: 2 hours around;

Temperature of application: among +5°C and +35°C;

Yiela on Wall: 15 kg/ mq for cm of thickness thermal

Conductibility. – 0,54 Ws / mK (tabbed value)

Mixing water: 1 8-20% around;


Realization and reconstruction of architectural elements indoor and outdoor, through base mortar of naturai hydraulic binders, inactive selected and additive gotten by renewable sources; Modellabile applicable by hand with a yield of 15 kg / mq for cm of thickness, to apply with special tools and model in phase of binding.